Auger Funnels

Collector Funnels

Free flowing products and tooling generally require a separate collector funnel assembly. This assembly consists of a collector funnel, collector funnel cover, and clamp ring. Auger Fabrication can supply complete assemblies, as well as individual items, for collector funnels used on all manufacturers of filling machines.

Auger Funnels

Straight Funnels

Straight funnels house the auger and are generally used with free flowing products, straight augers, and often use of a Collector Funnel. Use this page to specify and order new, spare, and replacement Straight Funnels for augers and filling machines from All-Fill, Mateer-Burt, AMS, & Spee-Dee. Refer to Form 654 for Funnels used with Mateer-Burt NEOTRON auger fillers.

Auger Funnels

Lip Funnels

Lip funnels house the auger and are used with non-free flowing products and self-feeding augers. The “lip” adds more surface area to retain the drip after the cycle, while the self-feeding auger sits 1/64”above the “lip.”

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