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screw conveyor or auger conveyor both use a rotating helical screw blade, called “flighting”, usually within a tube, to move liquid or granular materials. There are several types of auger flights: helicoid, sectional, ribbon, and shaftless auger flighting. The two main types used in production are helicoid and sectional. Helicoid flighting is created as a continuous helix formed from a single piece of carbon or stainless steel. While sectional flighting is formed into a helix from steel plates. The difference between helicoid and sectional flighting is the weight and width. 


Helicoid Auger Flights

Helicoid flighting is created as a continuous one piece helix that is formed from a stock square or rectangular bar strap. It can be offered shaftless or be used to produce a complete screw.


Square Stock Flighting


Sectional Auger Flights

Sectional flighting is manufactured from a steel sheet or plate and produced in 180 degree segments that are welded together to form a helix. Sectional flighting is available in heavier thicknesses than helicoid flighting and used in more abrasive applications. Typically used when the height of the flight is larger than what can be rolled using a flat bar strap in a helicoid flight.


Ribbon Flighting

Ribbon flight is a continuous, large diameter one-piece helix formed from a bar or cut plate. The product is similar to sectional flight with a large ID and narrower web. Spiral ribbon flighting is produced in diameters from 20” OD up to 148” and thicknesses from 1/4” up to 1-1/2”.


Shaftless Auger Flighting

Shaftless auger flighting is a heavier gauge helicoid flight that is produced to outside diameter and pitch specifications with an open center. This product works well when moving sticky products and large sized lumps. The shaftless flighting often lies inside of a trough and is driven from one end by a flange or stub shaft.

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